Our company is a full service paving company. We can install a new parking lot from scratch, or resurface the one you already have.  Curb repair, crack filling and lot striping are just some of our full-service options.  We do not cut corners on material or installation.  From bid to completion, you can feel confident that MAX  will complete your job to the specifications promised, saving you trouble.


Unlike most of our competitors, MAX does the small jobs as well as the big ones, and we do them well.  We do not use cold materials in our patch work.  We have a heated truck specifically designed to fill potholes on the spot with hot asphalt.  We prepare the hole properly so the repair lasts and you are not fixing the same spots over and over, saving you money.


Many asphalt driveway contractors are fly by night companies or individuals working on their own.  If your driveway is graded improperly, if the asphalt layer is too thin, or if uninsured workers are on your property, you can have major problems.  MAX is locally owned and operated, we have our own full-time insured employees, and we want your neighbors' business, so we do the job right the first time, saving you worry.   


At MAX, we are committed to serving your needs. We offer services that other paving contractors don't.  If you have a damaged sidewalk that is a tripping hazard, we can repair the concrete.  If you have concrete stained with grease or oil, we can power wash with hot water and detergent.  We will work outside the box, saving you time.


Services by Our Paving Company in Kansas City, MO​